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South Agribusiness sells light and heavy hen, both raw and cooked products, slaughtered and produced in the industrial plant of EFASA.

The Slaughterhouse features BRC approval for the production of cooked chicken, so guaranteeing products to be of the highest quality and health.

The cooking of both hen breasts as well as whole hen, is possible, thanks to the capacity and technology of its kitchen. This is an ideal product to replace chicken and, thanks to the unique production process, accompanied by strict sanitary control, you get a product of unparalleled quality - unique in Argentina.

The products made in EFASA, both raw and cooked, enter the market under the brand name "Azul". A brand recognized in the European market for its tradition and high quality standards.

EFASA is one of the few specialized industrial plants in hen slaughtering in Argentina and one of the largest providers in the market for this product throughout the country.

South Agribusiness can offer the following hen products:

Raw frozen hen cuts

  • Wings
  • Hindquarters
  • Claws
  • Eviscerated frozen hen, without giblets and in block
  • Breasts
  • Cases
  • Hen offal’s in blocks
  • Upper backs
  • Lower backs

Cooked hen cuts

  • Breast
  • Meat
  • Cases
  • Hen offal’s in blocks

Hen byproducts

  • Heart
  • Neck
  • Rumen
  • Liver
  • Crest

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